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The Oxygen Edge™ is the original commercial fishing oxygen system built for sport fishermen and commercial fishermen. Dial in the “right dose of O2 guaranteed to “Supercharge” live bait, keep live bait and tournament game safely oxygenated and healthy during live fish transports. Oxygen injection insures safe oxygenation all day, over-night or a week or more in the most adverse hot summer conditions in packed overcrowded livewells and bait tanks. You control all your livewell water quality parameters, especially dissolved oxygen (DO Saturation) in all seasonal conditions, especially those harsh, hot summer conditions when livewell mortality is always highest… if you want too.

The Oxygen Edge™ is sold worldwide…  the live bait oxygenation revolution began on the hot Texas Gulf Coast, USA the summer of 1993… over 31 years ago.

Oxygen Edge™ sport fishermen and commercial fishermen use pure compressed oxygen  livewell “life support system.” The Edge is the most reliable, durable and dependable adjustable dose commercial O2 system on the market today.  Most impressive when used in hostile hot summer fishing conditions when keeping bait and tournament fish alive and healthy all day is really important. The adjustable oxygen regulators are specifically engineered and built of metals designed for marine use to inhibit metal damage caused by Galvanic Corrosion. The Oxygen Edge regulaters are NOT repackaged, relabeled medical equipment prone to failure caused by Galvanic Corrosion. We also sell less expensive adjustable Generic Oxygen Regulators made in China that contain NO ZINC INTERAL CCOMPONENTS.

Oxygen Edge™ is necessary when bait tanks and mechanical aerators, bait pumps, boat livewell aeration systems, livewell pumps, livewell air vents and electric Oxygenators™ and some oxygen-injection systems all fail to insure or provide minimal, sustained, safe DO Saturation for all your live bait and tournament transported fish every summer.  Failing to keep your live bait alive, frisky, and healthy is expensive, aggravating and highly stressful. Sloppy, dying, dead bait has ruined many summers fishing trips. Transporting and hoping to keep tournament fish alive or healthy all day to weigh-in in the summer is very stressful for most tournament anglers and a major cause of unnecessary angst for all C&R tournament fishermen every summer.  A fish dies in your livewell, you will get the “Dead Fish Punishment.” If 1 fish dies you will lose tournament prizes and money.

Winning is the point of the summer tournament fishing game and it only takes 1 dead fish in the livewell and you will lose the money. That all day stress tournament fishermen experience before and during summer day and especially night C&R tournaments is unnecessary and avoidable.

Oxygen Edge™ The correct dose of oxygen ensures optimal safe oxygenation (100% DO Saturation – 1505 DO Supersaturation), that will make any overcrowded boat livewell, bait tank,ice chest or 5 gallon plastic bucket fail-safe every summer. Insuring and always delivering the right amount of oxygen for all your live bait and fish is vital, you dial-in the correct dose of oxygen on the regulator for all the bait and tournament game fish in your livewell. You have absolute control of the DO Saturation at all times, every summer. The OE regulator is the original adjustable turn-on and forget adjustable commercial fishing oxygen regulator used in closed livewells, bait tanks, coolers or 5-gallon bait buckets.

The Edge is superior to any mechanical air (aeration) system and livewell water pumps when/if minimal safe oxygenation during transport is essential and must be maintained, especially in the summer and especially if/when you overstock your livewells by choice or accidently. Overstocking livewells in the summer always results in suffocation, red-nose and sloppy bait with mechanical aeration and water pumps. Air is not oxygen although these 2 gases are often considered the same by most fishermen and outdoors  writers. Doctors, nurses, dentist, EMT techs, pro football players, welders, aircraft pilots all know and understand the difference between air and oxygen. Air, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen gases are all colorless, odorless and tasteless and all make clear bubbles in livewell water. None of these gasses are explosive except hydrogen gas which is explosive.

Oxygen Edge™ is a portable livewell oxygen-injection system, a portable oxygen life support system that’s dependable 24/7, supersaturates livewell water with pure 100% compressed welding oxygen, commercial O2 regulator delivers a wide range of doses of pure oxygen necessary for increasing and decreasing bait and fish loads, operates quietly and continuously with absolutely no chance of electrical failure, no batteries required.   Prevents livewell suffocation.

Oxygen Edge™ is a real-life aquatic life-support oxygen transport system that cools livewell water about 2 F below ambient water temperature, no ice or hypothermia necessary or recommended.

Oxygen Edge™ adjustable commercial oxygen regulators deliver a controlled precision dose of pure 100% compressed oxygen always ensuring 100% dissolved oxygen saturation and greater for 1 to 225 lbs of live bait or tournament game fish.  OE regulators are not repackaged medical oxygen regulators that deliver liters per minute or pediatric regulators that deliver fractions of liters per minute.

You dial in your stocking density weight of fish or live bait on the OE regulator settings. You chose the  correct dose of oxygen using the “tank time chart.” The correct dose is always based on the total weight (stocking density) of bait or fish you are transporting. The correct dose and volume of pure oxygen is delivered continuously eliminating deadly hypoxic livewell water and suffocation every summer.

The OE regulator provides a wide range of oxygen doses that range from 2 lbs. to 225 lbs.  of live bait or tournament fish that ensures safe oxygenation for overcrowded livewells for summer transports. You dial-in right dose of oxygen on the OE precision gas regulator for all your bait for a day trip, overnight, a week… stockpile live bait safely in home live tanks and bait pens used in open water, canals and marinas.

MYTH: Adjustable doses of oxygen based on livewell water volume sounds good, but this is absolutely meaningless. 

FACT: The minimal safe dose of oxygen required for live transport is 100% DO Saturation that is dependent on total biomass of fish and bait in the livewell being transported. More bait and fish always require a greater dose of 100% compressed oxygen.

“Supercharged Live Bait” is the best for the savvy live bait fisherman, but supplemental oxygen not for all live bait fishermen. Many fishermen suffer from “oxygen phobia,” These fishermen are afraid of being around pure oxygen.  

Only a fisherman can make this kind of live bait quality Supercharging baits administering supplemental  pure oxygen in livewells and bait tanks. MOTHER NATURE CAN’T DO THIS.

*Supercharging live bait with 100% oxygen guarantees extraordinary, unnatural high quality live bait in the most adverse, hostile summer conditions, every summer. This quality live bait is abnormal and man-made, far superior to fresh caught bait. Supercharging requires a greater dose of 100% oxygen.

Visit: George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing  “SUPERCHARGE YOUR LIVE BAITS” by George Poveromo http://www.georgepoveromo.com/content.php?pid=64

The precision adjustable OE regulators are custom engineered and designed for marine use. They are made with only 2 metals, solid brass bodies plated with solid nickel to reduce electrolysis damage, a major safety issue. They are commercial high pressure adjustable regulators *Made in America.” OE Rregulators are not prone to Galvanic Corrosion and failure when used in marine environments like aluminum O2 regulators Made in China.

Most Aluminum click style oxygen regulators are Made in China with aluminum alloy bodies and zinc internal components highly prone to Galvanic Corrosion and failure when exposed to Marine environments or salt (electrolytes) containesd in all livewell supplements.

Oxygen Edge™ injects pure compressed welding oxygen into livewells and bait tank water.   Supercharging requires more oxygen than the small amount needed to simply keep bait and fish alive and healthy. Aeration (air) will not supercharge live bait, there’s not enough oxygen in air. Fish hatchery transporters and the “Edge” both use the  same pure commercial welding oxygen for all live fish transports.

Oxygen Edge™ systems costs as much as a pair of Costa Del Mar sun glasses, a medium grade rod and reel, one decent Kayak paddle or 2 fishing tournament jerseys. The Oxygen Edge™ may increase a boat note about $5 a month. What’s it worth to fish with healthy, abnormally high-quality supercharged live bait all day and night every summer? What’s it worth to you not to have to give all the tournament fish in your livewell a second thought about their safety and survival all day/all night in every summer tournament? What is your piece of mind really worth summer after summer?

Oxygen Edge™ (oxygen supplementation) is necessary every summer, especially when you overstock your livewell or bait tank and when you want and need “SUPERCHARGED” live bait quality in the summer.  But, if you never overstock your livewell, never have low-oxygen problems in your summer livewell, if your live bait or tournament fish are never red-nosed, sickly or dying (suffocating) in your livewell during the summer from lack of dissolved oxygen, if you never overstock your livewell in the summer, if you really don’t want or don’t need the highest quality, strongest, most durable live bait possible and if you are afraic of oxygen gas and high pressure compressed oxygen, O2 fires , etc., you should never, ever be around oxygen anytime anywhere especially on boats. 

“Supercharged” live bait is “man-made” and requires more oxygen than necessary just to transport bait alive and healthy all day. The correct precision dose of pure 100% compressed oxygen that is needed for “Supercharging” is 150% DO super-saturation to 160% DO super-saturaturation and delivered a precision dose adjustable oxygen regulator. Supercharged live bait fish and shrimp are definately not natural. “Supercharged” live baits are man-made and require a larger doses of pure 100% oxygen. Livewell pumps and mechanical aeration cannot/will not “Supercharge” live bait fish. They will never correct or reverse sever cellular oxygen debt or prevent hypoxia and suffocation in overcrowded livewells and bait in the summer. Using air, mechanical aeration and livewell pumps are always limited, air is <21% oxygen.  A large dose of pure 100% oxygen injected continuously into livewell water is necessary for “Supercharging.” Only a fishermen can make “Supercharged” live bait dueing live transport.

Oxygen Edge™ is not necessary for summer C & R fishing tournaments if the “Dead Fish Punishment” is of little or no concern to you. But, when winning that tournament prize is the point, then getting your tournament catch to the weighmaster after an all-day ride in your boat livewell is your primary goal, you need the correct dose of supplemental oxygen in your livewell delivered continuously in summer tournaments.

*In “Kill Fishing Tournaments,” keep those tournament fish alive in you livewell all day/all night because live fish will always weigh more than dead fish on ice. Ounces and fractions of ounces count when the goal is WINNING THE MONEY OR PRIZE.

Oxy-Chum™ attracts and consolidated saltwater and freshwater live baitfish and target game fish. Oxygen is more effective than food and sent in predictable summer and winter environmental conditions.

Pure oxygen bubbled underwater creates a “Honey Hole” of extremely high dissolved oxygen underwater in the summer and winter. Creating and oasis of pure 100% oxygen bubbled 10-15 ft. under hot lake water in the summer compels a congregation of all fish species.

FACT:  High dissolved oxygen concentrations stimulate feeding in hot environmental water in the Dog Days of Summer and late winter, when lake surfaces have been frozen solid for months and there is no diffusion of oxygen into the water. Fish are hungry and will eat when they can breathe again.

Chumming with pure oxygen works when the bite slows down every summer in the south and late winter in North America climes.  In the northern hemisphere, fish don’t bite or move much in the “Dog Days of Summer” or frozen lakes in late winter when lake surfaces have been frozen over and the environmental dissolved oxygen is low.

Oxy-Chum™ An artificial oasis of pure 100% oxygen underwater that improves an oxygen poor environment so fish and bait can breathe again. Most effective when the environmental DO is low; in the heat of summer, July, August and the dead of winter when the lakes are iced over, February and March. Fish are like people; the bite dramatically gets better, and they fish will eat IF and WHEN they have plenty DO and can breathe better.

NEW – What is the real difference between livewell aeration and livewell oxygenation?  

“Guide to Fishing Aeration and Oxygen Systems”     https://www.oxyedge-chum.com/understanding-the-concept-between-livewell-aeration-and-livewell-oxygenation/


ALL DEAD FISH ON ICE ALWAYS LOSE WEIGHT AND SHRINK QUICKLY in your ice chest. 1/2 ounce or less can separate a winner from all the losers.


Order – Inquire – You have Questions? We have the solutions that work – Contact us  

Having any summer livewell  problems with dying and sloppy live bait fish, bait shrimp or your tournament game fish; stress out and worry about keeping your live bait alive or healthy all day?

Call us, because we have the solutions, experience and oxygen-injection systems that work faithfully every summer, even those Dog Days of Summer.

Transporting shad, blue back herring, white baits, bait shrimp, anchovy, blue runners, tuna alive, healthy and supercharged all day in any summer livewell is as easy as keeping guppies or goldfish alive and healthy… the magic of transporting live bait fish and tournament fish successfully ever summer is your knowledge and ability to managing your transport water quality successfully.

David A. Kinser, CEO

Oxygen Edge™ Established 1993
Phone   1 (409) 267-6458
Email  supercharger@oxyedge-chum.com
Oxygenation Systems of Texas
P.O. Box 383
131 Kinser Rd.
Anahuac, TX 77514   USA

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Oxygen 100% keeps fish and bait alive in livewells and bait tanks,