WEBPAGE UPDATED             Tuesday  June 22, 2022

Oxygen safety with livewell oxygen systems, regulators, oxygen cylinders and oxygen generators is absolutely necessary. Pure oxygen and oxygen enriched environments (24% oxygen concentrations – 100% oxygen concentrations) require special safety rules.

These special oxygen safety rules apply to all types of oxygen equipment, Oxygenators, Oxygen generators, Compressed oxygen systems, LOX, all oxygen system components including oxygen tubing Cleaned and Certified for pure oxygen service @ 50 psi internal tubing gas pressure, (not air tubing), all oxygen producing devices capable of producing oxygen-rich environments and oxygen enriched environments… i.e. 24% – 100% oxygen. Note: Ambient air contains <21% oxygen. Air is not enriched with oxygen.

These special oxygen safety rules do not apply to air, air environments, air tubing, electrical devices, bilge pumps, livewell water pumps, oil contamination, smoking, live electricity or mechanical aerators because the oxygen concentration in air is very low. Air is composed of 79% Nitrogen and <21% Oxygen.

Please visit and read this very important detailed safety information below:

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