Oxygen Edge™ Order Shipping – Texas Sales Tax

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Order Oxygen Edge™ fish and live bait oxygen-injection systems, generic oxygen regulators, custom oxygen diffusers, oxygen cylinders and fishing oxygen system components. Oxygen Edge™ regulators are engineered and made for harsh marine and freshwater fishermen. Generic oxygen regulators are not made in America.

Oxygen Edge™ system Components are Cleaned and “Certified for Pure Oxygen Service” @ 50 PSI or slightly less than 3 ATM tension. OE systems components are custom made in the USA and may be purchased separately, call for availability and pricing.

We consult, design and build custom oxygen systems to meet your special needs whether it’s multipliable livewell configurations for sport fishing boats, commercial transport systems and stationary oxygen systems for bait dealers.

You will find our outstanding Customer Support ongoing and unmatched. Our professional live fish transport experts are always available to help you provide the best professional care and success possible for your live bait and tournament fish. Help is only a phone call away – call us anytime from anywhere in the world anytime you have questions or need support.


PLACE YOUR ORDER – CALL 1 (409) 267-6458   USA

INQUIRE – CALL 1 (409) 267-6458    USA

EMAIL – mailto: supercharger@www.oxyedge-chum.com

CONTACT: David Kinser, CEO


Visa, MasterCard, US Postal Money Order, Bank Cashier’s Check, Bank Money Order, personal check and cash is acceptable payment.

Bank Wire Transfer for all orders shipped outside continental USA.

We do not add an additional “customer service charge” for credit card payments. We do not keep your credit card information on file after the sale or on any computer data base. Your credit card information is responsibly disposed of after billing your credit card company.


Estimated shipping cost for a complete OE systems (high pressure O2 cylinder/Generic O2 regulator, diffuser, other components) shipped UPS Ground in 2 boxes.

Shipped to Texas address ————–  $69.75

Shipped to Out of Texas address —–   $79.75

*Shipping cost may vary depending on final destination. Shipping outside the Continental USA or expedited shipping – contact us for current UPS shipping rates.


All products shipped to a Texas address are subject to 6.75% Texas Sales Tax

Products shipped out of Texas are not subject to Texas Sales Tax

Orders received by 1:00 PM central time usually ship same day

Orders paid with personal check and company check ship when your check clears your bank. Make checks, cashier’s checks and money orders payable to:

Oxygenation Systems of Texas

P.O. Box 383

131 Kinser Rd.

Anahuac, TX 77514   USA

                                  INTERNATIONAL SALES

All international orders shall be pre-paid via Bank Wire Transfer prior to shipment.

Buyer is responsible for and shall pay all associated intermediate banking charges, import tariffs, taxes and fees.

Bank wire transfer fee – $16.00 USD per transfer

International Service Fee – $225.00 USD

Buyer shall receive Pro Forma Invoice and transaction details upon request.

Current Shipping rates determined/cited with Pro Forma Invoice.

Oxygenation Systems of Texas bank wire transfer information provided to buyer upon buyers approval and acceptance of Pro Forma Invoice.

Order will ship upon confirmation of bank wire transfer completion buy sellers’ bank and Oxygenations Systems of Texas bank.