SUPERCHARGE LIVE BAIT WITH PURE OXYGEN, How Supercharging really works

WEBSITE UPDATED               Tuesday  June 22, 2022


By David A. Kinser, CEO     Oxygenation Systems of Texas

“Supercharging Live Bait” is all about fishermen applying gas chemistry laws with fish physiology, 100% oxygen, and pure adrenaline specifically to increase bait fish/shrimp metabolism. Only a fisherman can intentionally modify and altering cellular metabolic physiology. It’s about fishermen making live bait behave unnaturally by injecting and dissolving high doses of pure 100% compressed oxygen continuously into livewell/bait tank water, increasing the DO to high super-saturation levels, the fish produce the pure adrenaline that makes supercharging possible. The magic is delivering the right high dose of pure oxygen.

Live Bait Fishermen discovered and began “Supercharging Live Bait” with the Oxygen Edge™ in 1993. This is where the phrase “Supercharged Live Bait with pure 100% oxygen” began decades ago.

                        “SUPERCHARGING” WORKS LIKE THIS

  1. The fisherman buys commercial welding oxygen at the local welding supply. With the he dissolves a very high dose of 100% pure welding oxygen (O2 gas) into his livewell water with the Oxygen Edge™, the first a commercial fishing oxygen injection system designed for specifically for marine sport fishermen.
  2. Then live bait fish are netted or hooked and placed into his oxygenated livewell. The blood oxygen concentration of the bait fish equalized with the highly oxygenated livewell water (hemoglobin becomes abnormally redder and richer in color)
  3. The traumatic capture and hostile livewell confinement cause great stress and tremendous angst for all the captive bait fish resulting in an automatic physiological reflex reaction – a massive dose of ADRENALINE is released into the baits blood, the “fight or flight” chemical that is released in life threatening events. The chemical that is often necessary for survival of bait fish and man.
  4. “SUPERCHARGING LIVE BAIT” is the intentional combining of pure 100% oxygen and pure adrenaline in the live baits’ blood for a specific abnormal effect – causing unnatural strength, durability, activity on the hook.
  5. “Supercharged” live bait causes more aggressive strikes.

The best live bait fish is “SUPERCHARGED with a lot of pure compressed oxygen,” bar none… this bait is man-made and far better than fresh caught bait. Only a fisherman can make a “Supercharged” live bait and that requires the administration of a large dose of supplemental oxygen – the same pure 100% welding oxygen that fish hatcheries use to transport live fish, but a much larger dose.

It’s not possible to “Supercharge” live bait with air, livewell aerators and bait pumps because air does not contain enough oxygen. Air is not oxygen contrary to popular fisherman’s myths and beliefs.

Most live bait fishermen say they like and want a bait fish/shrimp that is “fresh caught” because it’s usually healthier, more energetic, active and durable than a lethargic red-dosed bait’s that has been in an aerated livewell 2-4 hours in the summer. Many fishermen are happy if their bait is still alive by noon, sickly or red-nosed makes little difference by them. If the bait wiggles a little, it’s alive, that’s success and that’s great. The bait shop always has more for sale when your bait dies, “you all come back now when you need more fresh, live bait.”


Why can’t Mother Nature, livewell aerators and livewell water pumps “Supercharge” bait fish with fresh high volumes of ocean water, lake water and big air pumps and spray bars? Because “Supercharging” live bait fish/shrimp requires considerably more oxygen (79% more oxygen) than Mother Nature provides in air. She only provides air, 21% oxygen. Air usually contains enough oxygen necessary to simply keep man, fish and bait fish alive in the normal steady state, no stress environment.

But, capturing, confining and transporting fish and live bait in overcrowded livewells and bait tanks in the summer IS NOT THE NORMAL STEADY STATE ENVIRONMENT by any stretch of one’s imagination. Traumatic capture, captivity and transport in any livewell or bait tank with hypoxic water (poor water quality) in the summer is no doubt the most stressful, worst day of any baits’ life. Then comes the final mortal insult, the hookup, tossed back into hot environmental water and finally the bait sees the hungry game fish predator and the Coup de Grâce – the Bite. This is the most serious stress that stimulates the final, maximum dump of ADRENALINE in the bait’s blood.

Oxygen is not a fuel by itself. Oxygen is the oxidizer that burns the fuel. Combustion (the fire) requires O2 the oxidant plus a fuel (wood and food). Air is 80% Nitrogen (a filler gas that does not support combustion) and 21% oxygen (the oxidizer). Compresses welding oxygen is pure 99.9% oxygen. Oxygen is not a fuel gas. Pure oxygen does not burn or explode. Oxygen only supports combustion. Oxygen is not a combustible material itself.

The higher the % concentration of oxygen, the hotter the fire whether a campfire or the cellular fire of metabolism. “Supercharging” live bait in a $100,000 Marlin Tournament or ‘Supercharging” a Pro football player breathing pure oxygen with an oxygen mask and small oxygen cylinder on the sidelines at any Super Bowl Game; there is no difference, the results are the same.

The Cellular Fire: At the cell level (aerobic man and fish) the cellular fire is called basil metabolism or the production of energy, how hot the cellular fire burns that creates energy and unnatural energy. The hotter the fire in the cell the greater more energy produced and sustained. The higher the metabolism the hotter the cellular fire, the more energy produced that’s available for muscles and brain, physically stronger, more active, energetic, more durable the man or fish. Reduce the oxygen availability and metabolism falls precipitously. The result is a slow, sickly, sloppy, lethargic bait fish that is red-nosed and dying in the livewell. The stores are depleted, and the bait fish has run out of energy (literally run out of gas, the gas is cellular oxygen). The cellular gas tank is empty.

Only the savvy fisherman that really understands how to administer a large, controlled dose of 100% pure welding oxygen in his livewell or bait tank can “Supercharge” his live bait.

Of course, many live bait fishermen are totally happy with live bait fish that can still wiggle a little on the hook by noon on a hot summer day. Live bait quality is of little or no concern for these fishermen.